Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst released


Passware integrates its password recovery module into Oxygen software to provide a complete solution for mobile forensics – Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst.

Should an investigator encounter a password-protected data backup, Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst automatically attempts to bypass or recover the password by using brute-force, dictionary, or other easily customizable attacks to deliver full access to protected information in the shortest time possible. Integrated password recovery with full GPU acceleration (AMD and NVIDIA cards), as well as distributed computing, is available for Android images, iTunes, and Android backups to further speed up the recovery.


Key Features:

  • Recovers iPhone and iPad backup passwords (iTunes backup files, iOS 4.x – 7.x)
  • Recovers Android backup passwords
  • Recovers passwords for Android physical images (lockscreen passwords)
  • Supports GPU acceleration (both NVIDIA and AMD) and distributed computing for all password recovery processes
  • Extracts mobile data using 20+ methods, including live data acquisition, various device backups and images import, as well as extraction from the cloud
  • Extracts live data from 8400+ mobiles devices running on iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone 8, Windows Mobile 5/6, RIM (Blackberry), Symbian OS, Bada OS, Chinese MTK chipset and feature phones
  • Acquires the full evidence set including deleted data: contacts, messages, calls, entire file system, user dictionaries, geo data, Wi-Fi connections history, etc.
  • Parses user data from 300+ most popular applications including as social networks, messengers, navigation, web browsers, productivity, etc., and analyzes shared files and communications
  • Extracts passwords and gives an access to messengers, social networks, saved maps, cloud stores, mailboxes and other services
  • Analyzes the extracted data in Aggregated Contacts, Links and Stats, Social Graph, and Timeline sections


For the first 90 days, we are offering this product for the same price as the regular Oxygen Forensic Suite, i.e. US$ 2,999.00. Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst also comes with 1 year of free updates.

Contact Sales for the official quote.


Passware and Oxygen Forensic invite you to attend the free live webinar on Oxygen Forensic Passware Analyst and see the new software in action.

This 1-hour webinar starts at 10AM EDT, Thursday, September 4th. Sign up here to attend.