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Passware Kit 2020 v1 Now Available

Product Update

Passware Kit 2020 v1 introduces a built-in Dictionary Manager, support for VeraCrypt GPT system encryption, and optimized decryption process for hard drives. The new version also extracts passwords from Windows 10/8 standalone systems protected with Windows Hello: PIN and Picture password. Decryptum™ Password Recovery In partnership with Comino we have developed Decryptum – ultra-compact liquid-cooled […]

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Passware Partners with BlackBag Technologies to Provide Full Disk Decryption in New BlackLight Release


Passware announces a new strategic partnership with the leading developer of forensic acquisition and analysis tools – BlackBag Technologies. Passware, the leading expert in encrypted electronic evidence discovery and decryption, announced a partnership with BlackBag Technologies ahead of their upcoming release of BlackLight. BlackLight quickly analyzes computer volumes and mobile devices to shed light on […]

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Passware Kit 2018 v2

October 03, 2018 Product Update

Passware Kit 2018 v2 becomes the first commercial forensic software to recover passwords for Bitcoin wallets. It also features instant decryption of APFS disks via analysis of iCloud or iTunes backups.

The new version instantly removes passwords for QuickBooks 2018 and introduces improvements to core Passware Kit modules: Encryption Analyzer and Dictionary attack.

What’s New


Password recovery for Bitcoin wallets

Passware Kit now recovers passwords for Bitcoin wallets: and Bitcoin Core using GPU-accelerated brute-force attacks.

Instant decryption of APFS disks

In addition to APFS disk decryption using memory analysis announced previously, Passware Kit now instantly decrypts APFS disk images by extracting encryption keys from iCloud or iTunes backups.

Support for QuickBooks 2018

Password protection is now removed from QuickBooks 2018 databases instantly, including Enterprise edition.

Acquisition of iOS 12.0 backups from iCloud

Passware Kit 2018 v2 acquires iOS 12.0 backups from iCloud, using either known Apple credentials or iCloud tokens extracted from memory images.

Incremental search for Encryption Analyzer results

The new incremental search option allows users to find files with specific names, encryption types, or decryption complexity in the list of encrypted evidence displayed by Passware Kit after a scan.

Dictionary information

Passware Kit now displays the number of words for all the dictionaries, both built-in and custom ones.

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