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Passware Kit 2019 v4 Now Available

October 02, 2019 Product Update

Passware Kit 2019 v4 instantly decrypts Symantec Endpoint Encryption (EPE) disks via live memory analysis, improves password recovery for VeraCrypt, and supports EnCase EX01 image file format.

The new version also resets Windows Server 2019 Domain Admin passwords and saves MS Office 2013-2019 encryption keys after decryption.

What’s New

Instant decryption of Symantec Endpoint Encryption disks via live memory analysis

In addition to the brute-force password recovery option for Symantec EPE disks announced previously, Passware Kit introduces instant decryption of such disks by analyzing a live memory image of the target system.

Support for additional VeraCrypt encryption algorithms

Passware Kit 2019v4 supports three new encryption algorithms for VeraCrypt: Streebog, Kuznyechik, and Camellia. Volumes encrypted with these algorithms are now supported for both brute-force password recovery and instant decryption via memory analysis.

Optimized password recovery for TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt

Passware Kit now allows the user to choose which encryption and hash algorithms to use for TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt volumes password recovery.

Cutting the number of encryption and hash algorithms to check increases password recovery speed significantly. This feature reduces the time required for decryption in cases when the encryption and hash algorithms for a given volume are known.

Support for EnCase EX01 image files format

Passware Kit now supports EnCase EX01 disk images.

Export and import of dictionaries

When exporting password recovery states, Passware Kit 2019v4 also saves custom dictionaries. This feature provides the complete data set required for the transfer of a custom password recovery process to a different computer.

Saving MS Office encryption keys after memory analysis

After successful decryption of an MS Office 2013-2019 file, Passware Kit now also saves an encryption key extracted from a memory image. This encryption key can be automatically used to instantly decrypt the same file. No need to analyze the memory image again!

Instant reset of Windows Server 2019 Domain Administrator passwords

Passware Kit now instantly resets a Domain Administrator password for Active Directory on Windows Server 2019.

Password recovery for Windows 10 standalone systems with LiveID

Passware Kit now extracts and decrypts passwords and other data from registry for Windows 10 systems protected with Live ID.

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