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Passware Kit 2020 v1 Now Available

December 18, 2019 Product Update

Passware Kit 2020 v1 introduces a built-in Dictionary Manager, support for VeraCrypt GPT system encryption, and optimized decryption process for hard drives.

The new version also extracts passwords from Windows 10/8 standalone systems protected with Windows Hello: PIN and Picture password.

Decryptum™ Password Recovery

In partnership with Comino we have developed Decryptum – ultra-compact liquid-cooled GPU accelerated devices for password recovery and decryption.

Decryptum PR 2080TI/12 4U is the ultimate scalable turn-key decryption solution: a single 4-unit system is powered by 12 x 2080TI GPUs and delivers unparalleled performance.

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What’s New

Dictionary Manager

Passware introduces a new built-in tool for managing dictionaries and wordlists used by the Dictionary attack. The tool allows users to compile custom dictionaries easily, sort, export, and import existing dictionaries, as well as edit, merge, and delete unnecessary dictionaries.

The Dictionary Manager also features a search option to locate a specific word in a dictionary file, and batch file processing.

Dictionary compilation is now up to 5x faster

We have updated the dictionary compilation algorithm, and it now works up to 5 times faster than before! For example, a 5 GB text file is now compiled by Passware Kit in less than 2 minutes.

Multiple dictionaries can also be compiled in batch mode in the new Dictionary Manager.

A new “Mixed order” option for “Join Attacks” group

When joining attacks to recover different parts of a password, users can specify the order of attacks in the group: original, original and reverse, and mixed.

The “Mixed order” option joins attacks in all possible combinations. For example, a Join Group of “Dictionary + Brute-force (numbers only) + Dictionary” attacks will cover passwords like “strong123password,” “strongpassword123,” and “123strongpassword”.

Support for VeraCrypt GPT system encryption

Passware Kit is now able to detect system partitions of Guid Partition Table (GPT) disks encrypted with VeraCrypt and further decrypt these by analyzing a corresponding memory image. Brute-force password recovery for such partitions is also supported.

Faster memory analysis process for VeraCrypt decryption

Passware Kit automatically detects the operating system by analyzing a memory image and runs only OS-specific processes for VeraCrypt key extraction, thereby reducing the time spent on decryption.

Instant BitLocker decryption with a known VMK

If a Volume Master Key is known or has been recovered previously, Passware Kit decrypts the given BitLocker volume instantly – no need to analyze the memory image again.

FileVault2: password hint extraction and support for recovery keys

Passware Kit now instantly extracts and displays password hints for FileVault2 accounts and recovers a system recovery key, if one exists. In case the recovery key is known, Passware Kit instantly decrypts the FileVault2 volume.

Passwords extraction from Windows systems protected with PIN/Picture password

Passware Kit adds support for Windows 10 and 8 standalone systems protected with Windows Hello: PIN or Picture password. It recovers the user PIN or Picture password and extracts passwords and other data from the registry.

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