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Passware Kit 2021 v4 Now Available

October 21, 2021 Product Update

What’s new in Passware Kit 2021 v4:

  • Batch mode: password recovery for FDE
  • Mac version of all Passware Kit editions
  • Email notifications of the password recovery progress
  • Support for AFF4 images
  • Decryption of multiple APFS volumes in the same image
  • FileMaker 19 support
  • New dictionary: Turkish
  • Dark theme
  • Usability improvements for batch mode and settings editor

Whether you are processing data from a Windows or Mac computer, Full Disk Encryption (FDE) can become a major obstacle, preventing you from accessing crucial evidence. What if a case involves multiple encrypted disks from different operating systems or third-party encryption applications?

Passware Kit makes it easy to handle such cases by introducing batch mode for FDE images. It allows users to configure password recovery settings for multiple encrypted images and processes them one by one without user interaction. AFF4 images are also supported.

Version 2021.4 introduces email notifications with decryption status updates, making supervision of time-consuming password recovery jobs effortless.

We’ve made significant usability improvements to batch mode and the attacks editor.

All editions of Passware Kit are now available as native macOS applications.

Last but not least: the dark theme for Passware Kit has finally arrived!

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Batch mode: password recovery for FDE

Passware Kit processes multiple encrypted disk images in batch mode. It allows users to group the encrypted images by password recovery settings, customize settings and timeout for each group, and specify a memory image for instant decryption where applicable.

Mac version of all Passware Kit editions

We have extended macOS support from Passware Kit Forensic to all Passware Kit editions. Passware customers now have access to both Windows and macOS versions of the software.

Email notifications of the password recovery progress

Time-consuming password recovery jobs can now be left unattended with email notifications enabled. Passware Kit will automatically send an email whenever a password is found or the recovery process gets finished.

Support for AFF4 images

Passware Kit now recognizes and ingests AFF4 (open-source Advanced Forensics File Format) images.

Decryption of multiple APFS volumes in the same image

Passware Kit is now capable of decrypting multiple volumes of the same APFS disk partition. After successful recovery of at least one password or encryption key, it creates an image of the whole APFS partition with all the volumes, including the decrypted ones and those that were not decrypted.

FileMaker 19 support

Passware Kit now instantly decrypts databases from FileMaker Pro 19.x.

New dictionary: Turkish

A Turkish dictionary has now been added to the built-in dictionary set. In total, Passware Kit comes with 20 language dictionaries and symbol sets, while additional dictionaries are available for download from Passware Account.

Dark theme

The new dark theme is now available in Tools|Options. It reduces eye strain and performs especially well in low light conditions.

Usability improvements for batch mode and settings editor

In batch mode, it’s now possible to drag and drop groups of files and disk images to change their order.

In the settings editor, “Add attack” and “Undo” options work faster, and password recovery attacks can now be easily moved to the end of the attacks list using the right-click menu.

What’s New Video

For your convenience, we have put together a video of all the recent features of Passware Kit 2021 v4. Take a look!

Passware Kit Mobile Beta

Passware forensic products are used by the world’s top law-enforcement agencies to crack cases where decryption is required – with a 70 percent success rate.

Our team has worked hard to build the next generation of decryption solutions for mobile devices – Passware Kit Mobile.

The beta version of Passware Kit Mobile supports the decryption of 130+ mobile devices, including Apple iPhones, iPads, and Huawei phones.

Key features:

  • Bypasses or recovers passcodes
  • Decrypts application data
  • Extracts accounts and passwords
  • Accelerates password recovery on a GPU
  • Extracts encryption keys from hardware-backed Keystore
  • Runs on Windows and macOS