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Passware Kit Ultimate: Introducing The All-in-One Forensic Decryption Suite

November 16, 2022 Product Update

We are excited to announce Passware Kit Ultimate, an all-purpose decryption bundle. It allows investigators to access data from locked mobile devices and computers, encrypted disks and files – all with a single license.

The convenience of having all the decryption tools handy and up-to-date cannot be underestimated. The Passware annual release schedule includes at least four major Passware Kit Forensic and Passware Kit Mobile updates, as well as multiple minor updates and service releases. These products are now maintained as a single Passware Kit Ultimate license. Some of the recent features of Passware Kit Ultimate include:

  • Support for macOS Ventura
  • Password recovery and data extraction from 1Password v8
  • Decryption and data extraction for Samsung Exynos-based devices
  • Instant decryption of Dashlane on iOS
  • Support for iOS 15.6 – 15.7

What Passware Kit Ultimate includes

Passware Kit Ultimate includes Passware Kit Forensic, Passware Kit Mobile, T2 Decryption Add-on, 10 Agents for distributed computing, and Passware Certified Examiner Online Training.

The key capabilities are:

  • Password recovery for over 340 file types
  • Recovery of passcodes for over 200 mobile devices
  • Full disk decryption
  • Decryption of Macs with Apple T2 Security Chip
  • Live memory analysis
  • Hardware acceleration on GPU
  • Distributed password recovery with 10 Agents for Windows, Linux, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

Pricing and Availability

Passware Kit Ultimate is available for law enforcement and other types of government organizations and private companies with justifiable business needs, such as forensic firms or corporate investigation teams.

Passware Kit Ultimate is available directly from Passware and a network of resellers worldwide. The price is $3,995 for an Annual license and $11,995 for a 3-Year license. Compared to buying all components separately, users save over 35% on a Passware Kit Ultimate license.

Additional product information is available at: