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Passware Certified Examiner Training v2 Now Available

October 31, 2023 Product Update

What’s new in Passware Certified Examiner Training v2:

  • 16 all-new, revamped video sessions
  • Easy start with decryption best practices and PKF overview
  • Thorough description of password recovery attacks and settings, including Mask attack
  • Extended session on Dictionary Manager
  • New FDE sessions covering BitLocker, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, and FileVault/APFS
  • Guidelines on processing FDE in batch mode
  • Steps for using Passware Bootable Memory Imager and warm-boot attack
  • Hardware acceleration session enhanced with hardware benchmark
  • Deep dive into Apple Keychain
  • New session on password recovery for hashes

Passware is consistently enhancing its software with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring fast decryption of electronic evidence items. To keep pace with these advancements and to attain the Passware Certified Examiner (PCE) designation, users are invited to complete the Passware Certified Examiner Training, a comprehensive online education course based on Passware Kit Forensic.

The new version of the training comprises 16 entirely redesigned video sessions, each lasting up to 35 minutes. These sessions address the essential decryption tasks computer forensic experts may encounter and cover key capabilities of Passware Kit Forensic: evidence discovery, setting up password recovery attacks, working with files and disk images in batch mode, managing password dictionaries, hardware acceleration, distributed computing, memory analysis, FDE and mobile data decryption, working with hashes and standalone systems, and more.

After completing the course, students can take the exam to receive the Passware Certificate, which is valid for two years.

The training is available as an additional option for Passware Kit Forensic and is included in Passware Kit Ultimate.

Training Refresh

Passware Certified Examiner Training users with expired certificates can get the new version of the training and do a re-certification exam at a special price of 200 EUR/USD.

Passware Kit Ultimate – 20% Off Until November 30th

Unlock the power of the all-purpose decryption bundle – Passware Kit Ultimate. It allows investigators to access data from locked mobile devices and computers, encrypted disks and files — all with a single license.

The Passware annual release schedule includes at least four major Passware Kit Forensic and Passware Kit Mobile updates, as well as multiple minor updates and service releases. These products are now maintained as a single Passware Kit Ultimate license.

Until November 30th, Passware Kit Ultimate comes with a 20% discount!

Passware Kit Ultimate

Passware Kit Ultimate includes Passware Kit Forensic, Passware Kit Mobile, Device Decryption Add-on, 10 Agents for distributed computing, and Passware Certified Examiner Online Training.

The key capabilities are:

  • Password recovery for over 350 file types
  • Recovery of passcodes for over 550 mobile devices
  • Full disk decryption
  • Decryption of Macs with Apple T2 Security Chip
  • Decryption of Western Digital My Passport drives
  • Live memory analysis
  • Hardware acceleration on GPU
  • Distributed password recovery with 10 Agents for Windows, Linux, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft Azure