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Webinar: Passware 2020 and Decryptum

October 20, 2020 Online

You are invited to our webinar on October 20 at 12 am EST hosted in partnership with Digital Intelligence.

In the 60-minute online session, we will look at the latest features of Passware and perform attacks on files using liquid cooled GPU accelerated device called Decryptum.


  • Brief information about Passware and some of the best decryption practices
  • Introduction to our new product – Passware Kit Mobile.
  • Majority of the webinar will focus on live examples.
    We will find encrypted evidence and perform several different attacks to show how Passware works. We will also compare the speed of the attack on a regular PC versus Decryptum – liquid cooled GPU accelerate device with 12 GPUs.
  • Q&A session


  • Opening by Jim Borecki, Business Development Manager at Digital Intelligence
  • Dmitry Sumin, Founder and CEO at Passware
  • Toni Pärn, Director of Sales at Passware

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