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Passware Kit 2021 v2 Now Available

Product Update

Dell Data Protection and Dell Encryption software used to be an obstacle for computer forensics because the encrypted data was inaccessible while processing an image of encrypted drives. We are happy to announce that Passware Kit is the first software to recover passwords for Dell recovery files and decrypt data from disks encrypted with Dell Data Protection and Dell Encryption software provided that a Dell recovery file is available.

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What’s New video on Passware Kit Forensic 2020 v4 release

November 20, 2020 News

We put together a short video on the key improvements of Passware Kit Forensic 2020 v4. 

In the 7-minute video you will learn about:

  • The new Mask attack,
  • Password recovery for iWork 2020 files,
  • Password recovery for 7-Zip archives on Linux and Mac,
  • GPU acceleration for NTLM hashes,
  • Improved performance for Zip AES password recovery,
  • The new modifier: English – Arabic keyboard layout transliteration,
  • Reports being saved as CSV files.

We highly recommend considering our Online Academy that supports you in becoming a certified decryption expert in just a week. What better time than before the end of 2020 to accomplish it?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, feature requests, or book a remote Decryptum test session.